The Light Inside Us

A unique hybrid of shooter/puzzler for mobile.

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Award winning Turn based social board game by Big Boot Games

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Medieval Heroes: Warrior Princess

A puzzle game set in the age of heroes!

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Dastan Games

Creating innovative digital experiences with engaging depth.

A Game Studio and a mobile App Development company.

Manifesting our client's core vision in the most interesting manner possible.


Game Development

We provide end to end game development services, right from ideation to deploying games on various platforms. We have experience building games for both mobile and PC platforms. With over four years of game development experience we've worked on a variety of game engines including, unity and cocos2d-x.

Game Design

We pride ourselves for our innovative game design. Being avid gamers ourselves we enjoy the challenges of designing games that are unique. Be it making completely new prototypes or solving problems with an existing game design, we are always looking forward to challenging ourselves and standing out with our designs.

Mobile App Development

Out technical team has a wealtyh of experience building innovative consumer apps for smartphones, both iOS and android. In the past year we've designed and built over five consumer applications on both platforms and are always looking for more such projects.

Virtual Reality Development

We feel VR experiences can engage users in a way no other medium can. While VR is considered the next big thing in consumer technology, it brings with it a whole host of challenges, both in terms of design and technology. Over the past year we've been experimenting and constantly learning in the intricacies of VR development. Tahnks to this, we feel well positioned to help companies create and bring VR experiences to their customers.


"The Light Inside Us combines the quick-thinking of tower defense, the planning and timing of a fast-paced strategy games, and the satisfaction of shoot 'em ups."

Pocket Gamer

"The Light Inside Us brightens up mobile shooters"


"Love the concept. Gameplay is tight. Awesome game!!!!"

Nairith Roy

Ongoing Projects

Our studio is buzzing with a few exciting projects under development !
Check out their progress here !

Crimson Glider
Step Up

The Team

Abhineet Prasad

Co-founder and Game Developer

Siddharth Sivaraman

Co-founder and Game Developer

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